Spoil Me!

Whether you want to support my work and help with business investments or spoil me with a luxurious pampering, donating to my Paypal is the an immediate fast way to do so! I also don't get a big percentage cut like a lot of the adult websites I use to sell my adult content. Thank you so much because any extra helps me towards my goals and dreams in life. I will send you a thank you email and personalized pics when I receive your donation!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

My Amazon Wishlist


If you want to get me something but you aren't sure what I want or need, just get something off my Amazon wishlist and it will ship straight to my P.O. Box!



I absolutely love a day at the nail salon. It is super relaxing for me, and I love to be clean and prim for my photoshoots. Donate $75 to cover a mani & pedi as well as a tip for my artist. I will send you pics of them afterwards!

Massage at the Spa


 There is nothing that makes me more relaxed, or feel pampered then a nice hour long massage at the spa. Donate $140 to send me off to get rubbed down and relax like a queen.

A Fresh Smoothie


Donate $10 to buy me a fresh smoothie (or cup of tea, and to tip my server.) Usually I would list a cup of coffee here but I am trying to make a healthier change in a pick me up, and I just most of all have an obsession with banana smoothies.

Cosplay Materials


Whether I make my costume or purchase it, cosplay is not cheap. So whether you donate $20, $50, or $100 anything helps me get things I need from foam to wigs to make my next creation come to life.

Hair Salon


Although I am growing my hair out I still need regular trims, and a professional stylist to color my hair. I have damaged it by coloring it myself at home for years. So if you want to help me repair and grow it out the best donate $100 to have a pro take care of it!